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  • 6/16/23-6/17/23 A workshop, "Humanistic Ethics in the U.K."  was held at King's College London, organized by Jonathan Gingerich, Daniela Dover, and Adam Etinson. For details, click here.

  • The next workshop in humanistic ethics will be held in California, in 2024/2025.

  • 3/15/23 I was interviewed about my paper, "The Snares of Self-Hatred", by Mark Alfano, for his class on moral psychology. You can watch our discussion here.

  • 4/5/23 I am honored to receive the George R. Brown Award for Superior Teaching from Rice University.

  • 4/16/23 I will be presenting my paper, "The Avoidance of Intimacy: A Reorientation in the Moral Philosophy of Love" to the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University

  • 4/28 - 4/29/23 Along with Samuel Reis-Dennis, I will be co-hosting a conference in honor of Susan Wolf at Rice University. For more information, please see the Philevents page.

  • 6/19 - 6/20/23 Along with Barry Maguire, I will be co-hosting a conference on the philosophy of Bernard Williams at the University of Edinburgh. For more information, please contact me or Barry. Barry and I were the recipients of a 2022-2023 Rice-Edinburgh Strategic Collaboration Award.4F Barrd Barry

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