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My current research project is a monograph on grace and the corresponding virtue of graciousness. More generally, it is about love.

I wonder why it is so hard to be good. So I also write on akrasia (doing exactly what you know you shouldn't do), hatred (of others, of human beings in general, of oneself), regret, shame, despair and the epistemic impulses.

You may download my c.v. here.

Published Work

For the most recent description of my published work, please visit my PhilPeople profile.

Work in Progress

Grace: An Interpersonal Conception 

  • Book proposal available upon request.

"Who I Am With You: Self-Disclosure, Privacy, and Intimacy"

  • Abstract and draft available upon request.

  • I presented a version of this paper to Oakland University in November 2021. It is available on Youtube, here.

"Virtue and Emotional Accuracy"

  • Abstract and draft available upon request.

"Transformations and Discoveries of the Self"

"Faultless Self-Wreckage"

"Love's Resentments"

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