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The Rice Workshop in Humanistic Ethics is a series of workshops, hosted and organized by me, held every two years on Rice University’s campus. It is supported with the generous funding from the School of Humanities and the Doerr Institute for New Leaders. The first workshop was held in spring 2017.


There is no pre-determined theme to each of the workshops. Rather, speakers are selected given their general approach to philosophical ethics. For a sense of what that approach could look like, please consider Bernard Williams’ essay, “Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline.” (Link -->)


Along with encouraging work in ethics that is very broadly “humanistic” in style and topic, the workshop serves as an attempt to create a philosophical community for those of us naïve enough to think that philosophy could be a home for us – and naïve enough to have faith that such a community could be constructed from our crooked timber. 

"Philosophy as a



Bernard Williams 


Contemporary work in 

Humanistic Ethics

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